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Bus fares to rise from next Monday 6 January 2017 a.m. Bus fares on all Bay of Plenty public transport services will rise five (5) percent from Monday 9 January.
When’s the best time to fish? See our best fishing days on the Almanac’s 2017 fishing calendar, when Moon is between new and full (EDT).
February 12, 2014 11 Mile Ice Fishing report: Lots of stockers and more There is still plenty of safe ice at 11 Mile, but use caution as conditions change daily.

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Fish, salmon, is highly overrated. It simply means that they are above zero. Please stop squabbling and put your energies to better use. This is true to an extent. Good luck and leave some for seed. This site list all the public piers on the California coast with information on fish,condition of pier etc.